Powrót na górę

Gdańsk - Westerplatte

During your free time it is worth to feel the spirit of history while cruising with our traditional white fleet, therefore we would like to invite you to a cruise to the historical Westerplatte. This...


Sightseeing the Port of Gdynia

See for yourself what the third biggest marine port in Poland looks like. We encourage you to visit the Naval Port, the Naval Shipyard, the Nauta Shipyard. It is also worth to see the vessels moored...


Krynica Morska - Frombork

After visiting the tourist attractions offered by Krynica Morska, we recommend a cruise to the historical Frombork, which offers the sightseeing of the Cathedral Hill and the planetarium, where...


Gdańsk - Sopot - Hel

The Gdańsk – Hel cruise is a comfortable way to move from the old town of Gdańsk directly to the clean and wide beaches of Hel, where you can also visit the marine seal aquarium.